Elisa Mirkil |||

Hi, I’m Elisa (rhymes with 🍕)

I’m New York-based UX designer, currently working at SAP. I work with cross-disciplinary teams to solve challenging problems with design and technology.

My sweet spot:

  • Working with ambitious teams who bring diverse perspectives for a shared objective
  • Tackling challenges that are data-oriented and require behavior change
  • Mindfully simplifying complex contexts with design methodologies
  • Always finding room for humor and fun in hard work

drawing at work

My path to design was winding. I studied Sustainable Development and found design when I went looking for alternatives to conventional, macro solutions for economic development.

I transition seamlessly from analytical to creative mindsets, using whatever medium makes sense to explore and communicate ideas–writing, experiences, visuals, etc.

As a designer in tech, I feel that I have the opportunity to create the greatest impact by designing scalable solutions grounded in user needs. In particular, I enjoy creating analogue methods for digital applications to address the human concerns in any technology application.

training facilitators

Data is one of the richest media for me as a designer. Whether it’s creating engaging stories and visuals based in data or tools powered by complex data and intelligent algorithms, I look at data human-first and use design to re-imagine data.

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I am always looking to learn new things–these days I’m experimenting with GIS, mapping, and web development.

I’m a global citizen to my core: I speak 5 languages and am always eager to spend time somewhere new. To me, design is yet another language I use to bridge gaps and find common ground. I’ve led 40+ co-innovation, design thinking, and strategy workshops across cultures, industries, and organizational hierarchies.

Check out my work here!

Always looking for collaborators. Would love to hear from you.

CV - LinkedIn - elisamirkil@gmail.com