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Designing a software solution for well-being

We were hired by an HR software company to help inform their next generation of well-being enterprise solutions. Our final product strategy was a digital assistant that helps employees manage their well-being while enabling employers to improve company performance, satisfaction, and culture.

STEP 1: Understanding personal definitions of well-being

Everyone has a slightly different definition of well-being and a unique approach to how they achieve it. Stress can happen on various levels of experience and is difficult to address.

Framework for addressing user needsFramework for addressing user needs

Our first step was to parse out the rich opportunities in well-being through secondary and user research.

STEP 2: Using technology and data to solve a human challenge

Well-being and technology are often opposing forces. Our role as designers in a technology company is to make sure technology is developed in a way that is useful for a user.

We set out to design an intelligent, helpful, and unobtrusive solution.

Early IdeasEarly Ideas

Workshopping concepts with stakeholdersWorkshopping concepts with stakeholders

STEP 3: Working on behalf of the employee and the business

Our solution was required to function at several levels of the business—the employee, manager, and executive.

Company well-being data management modelCompany well-being data management model

We created storyboards to simply articulate how the solution would work for different users with unique needs and responsibilities.

The COO storyboardThe COO storyboard

Solution is in early development.

My role: To co-lead the design project, and facilitate stakeholders to create a shared, innovative vision for a new well-being product.

March - June 2018

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