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Elisa Mirkil
Visualizing an abstract data set November 20, 2020
Visualizing an abstract data set November 20, 2020 An analogue tool for an emerging technology June 1, 2019 Dot Dot Bot is a fun, collaborative design method for building valuable, human-centered bots. For most organizations looking to implement chatbots Visual Thinking March 1, 2019 Exploring concepts and refining my visual practice in sketchbooks. Using drawing as data, memory, and tool for understanding. I track daily habits Experiments with coding, data, and design December 1, 2018 Learning new tools and approaches to bridge the gaps between the physical world, data, and experience. Reinterpreting my most influential books over Designing a software solution for well-being June 1, 2018 We were hired by an HR software company to help inform their next generation of well-being enterprise solutions. Our final product strategy was a Transforming data with design August 1, 2017 Brainstorming data points Summarizing data “A typical travel experience” Legend Early compositions Writing Samples December 1, 2016 Communicating facts and stories in writing in various forms: Journalism, Opinions, Translation, and White Papers October 2013 - The Columbia