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Writing Samples

Communicating facts and stories in writing in various forms: Journalism, Opinions, Translation, and White Papers

Cultural Commentary

Django in Chains

October 2013 - The Columbia Spectator

About the release of Django in Chains and the slight uptick in African American film releases.To read…

Bit by Bit

February 2014 - The Columbia Spectator

About the rise in mainstream BitCoin use.To read…

Translation Portuguese to English

Do we Need to Talk with Men? A journey to gender equality

December 2016 - UN Women

To read Portuguese document…

2016 SAP Digital Transformation White Papers

Contributed research, writing, and editing to these papers. They were presented to all SAP field employees as core strategy in Q1 2017.

Reimagine Business Processes

Reimagine Business Models

Reimagine Work

A Discussion on Digital Transformation and the Future

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